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5 Waterfalls To Visit In Iceland

5 Waterfalls To Visit In Iceland

If you want to see spectacular waterfalls, Iceland is the best place. The Northern European country has some of the world’s most famous and historic waterfalls. These are the most visited waterfalls in Iceland as determined by the travel app Visited. The app allows users to map their travel, check off places to visit such as waterfalls, cities, art museums and beaches on travel lists and get personalized travel stats.

The most popular waterfalls in Iceland, according to Visited, are:

  1. Gullfoss, located in the canyon of the Hvítá River, is Iceland’s most visited waterfall. It’s stunning and iconic due to its double tier, which plunges 31 meters (105 feet). Check out both the upper and lower viewpoints of the Golden Waterfall to get the full experience. From the upper vista, you can see the waterfall from above and take in the canyon’s vastness. From the lower viewpoint, you can get up close and personal with the waterfall and feel the power of the water.
  2. Godafoss, also known as the Waterfall of the Gods, is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. It is located in northern Iceland, just 45 minutes from Akureyri. The waterfall is known for its crystal blue colors and its impressive size. It is 30 meters (98 feet) wide and falls 12 meters (39 feet). The best place to sit and enjoy the view of Godafoss is along the west side of the waterfall. The west side of the waterfall offers incredible views.
  3. Seljalandsfoss, located in the South Region of Iceland, is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in South Iceland. The waterfall has a 60-meter (196-foot) drop. You can walk behind the waterfall to capture incredible photos and experience the power of the water up close. Just a few hundred meters north of Seljalandsfoss is a hidden waterfall called Gljúfrabúi. Gljúfrabúi is located in a narrow canyon and can be reached by wading through a shallow river. It is a smaller waterfall than Seljalandsfoss, but it is just as beautiful and even more secluded.
  4. Dettifoss is located in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland. It is Europe’s second most powerful waterfall, with an average water flow of 193 cubic meters per second (6,186 cubic feet). Dettifoss is 44 meters (147 feet) high and 99 meters (328 feet) wide, and it has a thunderous roar that can be heard from kilometers away. The best viewpoint of Dettifoss is on the eastern side, where you can get a panoramic view of the waterfall and the surrounding canyon. Dettifoss is a part of the Diamond Circle, a popular tourist route in North Iceland.
  5. Strútsfoss, located in East Iceland near the Strútsa River, is a hidden gem among waterfalls. It is the tallest two-tiered waterfall in all of Iceland at 20 meters (65.5 feet) and 100 meters (328 feet). Strútsfoss is also one of the most photogenic waterfalls in Iceland, thanks to its double deck and dramatic setting. Strútsafoss offers stunning views of the Strútsa River and the surrounding valley.

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