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3 Best Travel Apps 2023 – Must-Have Travel Apps for Your Trip

If you’re looking for the top-rated travel apps to download in 2023, this is your guide to the best travel apps. Whether you want to plan your dream getaway or find directions as you navigate your trip, these apps will help you have great trips in the coming year. These are also free apps, so you can download them easily for iOs or in the Google Play store. 

Visited Travel App

Visited is the best travel app to help you track your trips, set travel goals, discover new bucket list destinations, and get a personalized map of your travels. Visited is one of the top travel apps, with over 1.5 million users. You can check off the places you’ve traveled and lived in the app and see a customized map of where you’ve been. 

Another feature of the Visited travel app is the travel wishlist, which allows you to swipe through photos of the top-rated destinations around the world. You can swipe and save the ones that pique your interest to help build your travel bucket list. As you mark places you’d like to go in the app, you can see a map with your highlighted wishlist and also get stats on your travel progress, motivating you to start traveling to your dream destinations. 

The Visited app also has top travel lists that allow you to see where other users are traveling and learn about the most popular places to go around the world. 
You can download Visited for free on iOS or Android.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular travel apps for good reason – the app has many functionalities, with the most important one being the navigation options. Whether you want to look up directions to the airport or see public transit times in your destination city, you can do so easily with the Google Maps app. Google Maps has walking, biking, transit, and driving directions, and also allows you to bookmark and save your favorite places so you can easily access them during your travels. Another helpful feature of Google Maps is being able to look up local businesses or places of interest. Whether you want to find a park, museum, or local breakfast restaurant, it’s easy to search Google Maps and come up with nearby places. 

Google Flights is also a helpful Google travel site that allows you to look up flight times and prices and plan your flight itinerary. 

You can download Google Maps for free on iOS or Android


HotelTonight is one of the best free travel apps for booking hotels. You can get hotel deals as well as see the hotel options for your travel destination. If you need to book a room last minute, HotelTonight is great for discounts, as the booking app has last-minute deals on hotel rooms that have not been filled. The app also features a Daily Drop deal that you can unlock to get extra savings on a hotel in your chosen location. 
You can download HotelTonight for free on iOS or Android.

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